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Our Mission:

Primary Focus:

The thrust of APP is to provide donated materials for the poverty areas of Appalachia, which are not currently being provided. These items are primarily, but not limited to, appliances such as refrigerators, stoves and clothes washers. Although these items are available in abundance they are not generally donated due to lack of transportation availability. Our function is to pickup these appliances, check them for proper operation and deliver them to a distribution point  where they are shipped McDowell County in Southwestern West Virginia.

We will, also, provide assistance to volunteers in local Appalachian missions.

Secondary Focus:

To continue to make mission trips to the poverty areas of Appalachia for the purpose of providing assistance to local missions.

To raise public awareness in Carroll County of the poverty conditions of nearby Appalachia and to educate the citizenry in ways that they can help.


The project was started in September of 2005 by Mr. Leslie Schaub.

During the  two mission trips to Pikeville, Kentucky that we made that year, we saw extreme poverty and the loving work of many volunteers.  Our hearts were moved to help in the best way that we could. Since major appliances are badly needed and seldom donated, we decided that we would work to fill that need.

During the remainder of 2005, we were able to collect a small number of appliances but found that volunteers with pickup trucks were scarce. In December 2005, we acquired a pickup truck and began to pickup appliances on a regular basis.  As you can see in the photo above, there was no  equipment on the truck to help load or unload. The truck has since been equipped with a rack and winch so that one person can load and unload.  Our current goal of ten appliances a month is limited to the equipment available.  Each appliance collect must be first picked up, unloaded to a place to be cleaned up and checked for operability, then delivered to the distribution site where they are made available to missions working to relieve poverty in Appalachia, the Carroll County Department of Human Resources and  the American Red Cross of Central Maryland.

In September of  2007 we lost our shipping arrangement to Kentucky. Remarkably, the same day a new shipping arrangement was made. We had to stop collecting for Kentucky and begin collecting and shipping to West Virginia. I believe that this was God ordained and discovered that poverty conditions in McDowell County, WV were far worse that of Pike County, KY

We hope that we can acquire a larger truck with a lift gate. This would allow the appliances to be checked out ON the truck and allow fewer trips to the distribution site.

Update March 2010 - Over 450 appliances delivered. We are now accepting motor vehicles to be given to needy families (full fair market tax deductible).

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