You Can Help

Donate your used appliance
If you live in Carroll County, Maryland or the surrounding areas,
you can donate your used working appliances. You will receive a donation receipt for your tax purposes.
Refrigerators are badly needed and we will travel further for them. We will also pickup used  model lawn tractors and mowers, but we cannot currently give you a donation receipt for them.

We also need clothing, household items(pots, pans, furniture, bedding, linens), shoes, school supplies, educational material grades K-6, building materials(lumber, paint, nails,etc) and PROM DRESSES.


Donate your Time
If you can assist in moving appliances, that would be great, but we can use help with all activities related to operating a charitable organization.
    Web Site Management
    Fund Raising
    Promoting/Public Relations

 If you live in the Carroll County area of Maryland, Contact Us to Volunteer or to Donate Materials (410) 790-1822

Provide Financial Support
All charitable organizations need money for gasoline, vehicle maintenance, mailings, legal fees, etc.
Our largest expense is gasoline - it cost us about $25-$30 to pickup and deliver an appliance.

If you can donate funds, please make checks payable to:
    Appalachian Poverty Project
    C/O The Community Foundation of Carroll County
    255 Clifton Blvd. - Suite 203
    Westminster, MD 21157

Donations of $25 or more will be receipted by the Community Foundation of Carroll County.

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Special Needs

---A truck is needed for the pickup of appliances, mattresses, building materials, etc. Although we have picked up about 250+ appliances and 75 mattresses, our  pickup truck is proving inadequate for our purposes. Mattresses are very badly needed and we have a great supplier, but we really need an enclosed truck that will carry more than we can fit on a pickup and that will protect the mattresses from the rain. As it is now , we can only pickup on Thursdays and Fridays and then only if the weather is clear. A step van like a bakery truck or small cube van would be ideal.

---Automobiles and Trucks. We have a regular, ongoing need for motor vehicles These will be given to needy people in McDowell county, West Virginia as a "Stay in School" incentive program and to provide transportation for working parents. Some trucks and passenger vans are also needed for work at the School For Life mission in Gary, WV. for transporting workers and materials to home repair sites. Whatever purpose the vehicle serves, full "fair market value" can be deducted from your taxes.