Shop Online With IGIVE.COM!!

If you register with, every online purchase you make online with igive retailers will result in a donation to the Appalachian Poverty Project.

There is no additional cost to you and the amount donated is tax deductible.

Many of the largest retailers like Sears, Target and Staples, subscribe to and make a donation as part of their advertising costs.

It's easy to register and use the igive service. You can shop two ways. One way is to do product searches through the website. The other way is to download the toolbar and do your shopping as you normally would. Each time you reach a retailer's website that subscribes, the shopping window will pop-up indicating that the retailer will donate a percent of your purchase price to the Appalachian Poverty Project and what that percentage is. (Usually about %1)

If you register with and use the service within 45 days, a $5.00 donation will be made regardless of the size of purchase.

My first purchase resulted in a $9.00 donation. I ordered a water softener from Sears through their website and picked it up 30 minutes later from customer pickup. This was MUCH faster than making the purchase in store.

IGIVE GETS EVEN BETTER!  Register with IGive and download their toolbar. Everytime you use the ISearchIGive search engine instead of Google one penny is donated to the Appalachian Poverty Project. Please don't think that this is an insignificant sum of money. If 300 people use the IsearchIGive search engine just ten times a week, we would recieve  a monthly check for $129. Foks, this is one quarter of our operating expenses.  It costs you nothing, you don't have to do anything that you aren't already doing and we can really use the money. The IGive toolbar constantly updates to show you the total monies raised for our cause. It's kind of fun to watch YOUR penny add to the total.

For easy registration, please use this link -