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February 2008










January/February has brought about some exciting changes for us. We have now collected over 200 appliances.  We have long considered this to be the milestone that would indicate our ability to endure ‘the long haul”. I believe that we are here to stay.

We are partnering with other ministries in supporting Appalachian missions. Already, eight to ten local missions are sharing a warehouse and shipping facilities. More join us each month. We will soon have a tractor/trailer on the road and are looking for more trailers.

The “prom dress” and the “cars for diplomas” programs are underway and we are confident that they will help combat the 75% HS dropout rate.

Water test kit is in hand and we will use that to test drinking water for heavy metal contamination. I have not yet been able to find a way to test for bacterial contamination. In Jenkin-Jones, WV, I personally saw a plastic water supply line that was on top of the ground and within three feet of an open sewer pit. The entire community gets their water from this above ground pipe – each house connects to the pipe and runs water backwards into their outside faucet. The water is not treated in any way.

We’ve been working on a new website for the School For Life – the mission that we support in WV. For information about their work and mission opportunities please visit

(Update—Jim Golden is taking over maintenance of SFL’s website. Jim does this work professionally and has a server to host the site, thereby saving money.)

For those of you that shop ‘online’ please consider registering with IGIVE.COM. It costs no more and our project will receive a percentage of your purchase – generally 1%-2% plus a one time $5 reward for registering and using With many stores, like Sears, you can pre-order online and pay the lower internet price when you pickup at the store.  You can also deduct from your taxes the amount of the donation we receive. Year-end accounting is provided. It’s a good deal for everyone. Please use this link to register -

When you register, we will be notified of your support.

So far, only three people have registered and made purchases. Our total receipt from is $14. If our friends would register and use, the Appalachian Poverty Project would be assured adequate operating funds.  (Another update. You can save $15 dollars on dinner at hundreds of local restaurants and donate $1 to APP at the same time. Register with and I’ll show you how)



WE NEED HELP!! Volunteers please step forward. Two gentlemen have been helping on a regular basis. One is now scheduled for coronary stents and the other needs surgery to repair cervical vertebrae. That leaves only my wife and I.  Surely there are some retired men that can help out a few times a month. Please contact me ASAP if you can help. Please don’t assume that someone else will do it – they won’t - we need you!

The administrative burden increases. If we could keep up with it, we could function much more efficiently. We are eligible for office space at the Non-Profit Center in Westminster, but without any help it’s not worth the cost of getting a desk to put there.

We need dog sitters. The cost of boarding two dogs is currently $60 to $80 a day.  I plan to spend 4 weeks in WV this year, but cannot do so without some help. In the past, Marie has had to stay behind to care for the dogs – this just isn’t right. If someone  will  care for our dogs (or one of them) for a week at a time, it will make it possible to us to make these trips as a couple.


So long for now. God bless you all.

Les and Marie Schaub

Psalm 41:1-3

 Blessed is he that considereth the poor: the LORD will deliver him in time of trouble.  The LORD will preserve him, and keep him alive; and he shall be blessed upon the earth: and thou wilt not deliver him unto the will of his enemies.  The LORD will strengthen him upon the bed of languishing: thou wilt make all his bed in his sickness.



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