Greetings From

The Appalachian Poverty Project

            January 2009

Dear Friends,

As the new year starts, our work has slowed to a crawl. We won’t be very busy until mid February.

It was wonderful to be able to enjoy Christmas without having an overly busy schedule but

now we have to get busy.

1.     Decisions have to be made regarding incorporation. One of the biggest things holding me back is the lack of a board of directors. Please pray that I will find good counsel and gain the wisdom to see God’s will and that some interested folks will step forward to serve.

2.     The video project must be moved forward. Folks today are tuned into visual presentation. We are spoiled by the 11 o’clock news. Over the years, I have spoken to many churches, organizations and individuals to little avail.  Our website produces results because people come looking for that kind of information. If I go looking for people to donate, volunteer or organize mission trips, I really need an effective presentation – video.

3.     The website needs to be updated. We're still getting 30 to 40 hits each week and visitors from New York to Georgia and Utah to Britain

4.     New schedules for School For Life mission dates need to be printed and distributed to local churches and organizations.

5.     We are still recovering from a computer crash. We had backup for most of our files. Even though we had our email system backed, we were not able to magrate from the old system to the new one. Lesson learned – make sure that you can migrate email and email addresses. We were able to recreate about half of our addresses but none of our old emails.

6.     We will have to start an advertising campaign to increase the donations of working appliances as we expect that the downturn in the economy will result in fewer appliances being donated. Please, tell your friends and neighbors that the need for appliances is far greater than our current supply.  We NEED appliances – Please help! If your are willing to put up notices in public places or help in any other way, please let me know.


                            Current news
  1. Both of the missions that we deal with are doing well. The School For Life (SFL) still has an on-site volunteer who stays at the mission. Dan continues to be a great blessing. In addition to helping with facilities maintenance, Dan provides some security for the buildings. There is also a gentlemen who helps operate the thrift store and keeps it open when Jack and Brenda are away. (Jack and Brenda live in Kentucky and spend 8 months or more at the mission in WV.
  2. The School For Life now has a replacement truck. It is more “heavy duty” and has a sleeper cab. Please pray that this truck will prove to be reliable. Please pray that material donations will keep up with the demand.
  3. The Restart Center has expanded from just teaching/tutoring to food distribution. They will soon be operating a soup kitchen to provide hot meals 
  4. We continue to pickup appliances and other household goods.   We have to start some sort of advertising to increase donations, If you can help out, please contact us.
  5. More people from my own church are providing help. Some have started their own projects. Some are organizing a mission trip for this July 4.
  6. Shopping online with -  If you shop online and register with, you and the APP will both benefit financially. Registration takes about one minute. Just go to
  7. Please remember that we are accepting donations of vehicles. You can take a tax deduction of full fair market value because we do not resell these vehicles as most charities do. They are either used by the mission or given to needy families.
  8. We are still collecting prom dresses/gowns. These dresses can make a difference between going to a prom or not going. Also good for their self-image. When girls seek these dresses, they are exposed to Christian witness and potentially a mentor .
  9. We continue to receive support from local Churches and organizations. St, John’s Catholic Church and the American Legion just this past month.
  10.  Two families – one in Maryland and the other in Georgia – have pledged and given regular financial support. Beside the obvious help for our work, these gifts affirm what we are doing and help us to have confidence in moving forward.


DID YOU KNOW?  In years 2001 and 2002, much of McDowell County, WV was devastated by TWO 100 year floods.  Hardest hit were two of the largest towns in McDowell County. The county seat, Welch, had 3 to 6 feet of mud in downtown and some residential areas, Iager had 60 of the 61 businesses damaged to the point that none were able to re-open.  Thirteen lives and thousands of homes were lost.  These events were not carried by national news media. That's why you probably never heard of it. See pictures at


                    OUR NEW PHONE NUMBER IS 410-861-6078 – Please note the old number is permanently out of service. (You can also reach me by cell at (410) 790-1822)


So long for now. God bless you all.

Les and Marie Schaub



The Appalachian Poverty Project is a component of the Community Foundation of Carroll County


                        Psalm 41:1-3

 Blessed is he that considereth the poor: the LORD will deliver him in time of trouble.  The LORD will preserve him, and keep him alive; and he shall be blessed upon the earth: and thou wilt not deliver him unto the will of his enemies.  The LORD will strengthen him upon the bed of languishing: thou wilt make all his bed in his sickness.



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